This is the third album that has been produced by Ari Goldwag, be"H. Ari has also been intimately involved in the production of a number of other albums besides for his own, including an album he sang on with Shloime Dachs and Mendy Wald (entitled V'zoicher), as well as Dovid Gabay's recent release, L'gabay among others. Goldwag has been professionally involved with music for over 18 years, singing in numerous venues across the world. His compositions have been and will be featured on numerous albums. His first priority in music is to create a great end-product with a potent spiritual message.

Ari lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel with his family, and splits his time between his family, his learning, and his music.

You can learn more about Ari on his official website